Gather 'round, ghasts and ghouls... do you hear a whisper in the chill wind this Hallowe'en night? Does the mewling of a black cat or the sight of a stranger in shadow seem more suspicious now than ever? Across the world, a terrible magick is in the air, the ghost of wicked deeds and monsters most mortifying, which has grown again into a three-hour scream the ancients knew as... ECTOCOMP 2016!

This year the competition is divided into two parts. La Petite Mort is for games written in three hours or under:

  • Going Home by Santiago Eximeno
  • Low by Peregrine Wade
  • The Curious Incident at Blackrock by Bitter Karella
  • Because You're Mine by Owlor
  • The Unstoppable Vengeance of Doctor Bonesaw by Lewis Blanco
  • What to Do When You're Alone by Glass Rat Media
  • Edith's Cat by Roboman
  • Toiletworld Omega by Brian Kwak
  • The Periwink by Jebediah Berry
  • Light into Darkness by Christina Norlander
  • Flight of the Necrovoyager by Joey Bones
  • Howled House by B Minus Seven
  • Scars by Olivia Dunlap
  • Honeysuckle by Cat Manning
  • A Checkered Haunting by Andrew Shultz
  • Train of Life by Marco Innocenti

Whilst Le Grand Guignol is for those who prefer to linger over their masterpieces, or just didn't manage to finish in under three hours:

  • Bring Me A Head! by Chandler Groover
  • Vlad the Impala by Pumpkin B. Parjeter
  • Psychomanteum by Hanon Ondricek
  • A Friend to Light Your Way by Verity Virtue
  • Four Sittings by Bruno Dias

The two competitions should be judged separately and as such I have included a separate judging sheet for each! The judging period ends at midnight GMT on 30th November 2016.

Click here to download La Petite Mort! (Zipped file)

Click here to download Le Grand Guignol! (Zipped file)