Interesting sites

The Paul Darrow Appreciation Society News and information about the star of Blake's 7 and The Visitation, as well as more than 200 television programmes and stage plays.

The TADS website Information on the TADS Authoring system for interactive fiction, which I used to create To Hell in a Hamper and Escape From the Crazy Place.

The ADRIFT website Information on ADRIFT, the program I used to create Goldilocks is a FOX! The ADRIFT runner and generator can be downloaded from this site.

Bitter Enders A very funny webcomic by my friend Dee Hews. Pub life, served daily Tuesday to Saturday.

Punk Rock Lawyer My friend Karen is a Punk Rock Lawyer and Dork DJ! Go and see her DJing at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn and other venues in New York and the world!

JCN Jesse Chan-Norris is a New York based photographer. He puts up a new photograph to enjoy every day.

Dan Guest's Photos My brother Dan is very well travelled and has photos on his Flickr from around the world.

Acorn Electron World Whether you're a old hand or a first timer, Acorn Electron World is your portal to everything that was ever written for, created on, discussed or published for this collectible machine. The site is much more than a few downloads and screenshots. It is a historical museum of epic proportions.