I have fifteen years experience as a motion graphic designer and animator using Adobe After Effects. I have worked on an enormous number of well known TV commercials, TV station idents and title sequences. I have also been credited as Title Designer on three feature films, The Christmas Candle (2013), Storage 24 (2012) and Everywhere and Nowhere (2011) and numerous short films. In addition I am an exam censor at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Download my CV here. Click on the images below to see examples of my work.

'Hiding Heidi', a trailer for the new children's book by Fiona Woodcock, published by Simons Kids UK. Character animation was by Maki Yoshikura Boitier. Additional animation, editing and compositing were by myself and music by George Demure Sounds and Sons.

Mission Dalek: 'Mistress of Metalupiter' from J. J. Guest on Vimeo.

Storage 24 Everywhere and Nowhere The Christmas Candle Title Designer: The New Arab Debates, for Deutsche Welle 2012
Channel 5 'Crackers about Christmas' - Opening Title and Sting Dapper Laughs on the Pull Doctor Who: The Fan Show Panzer 88 - Making of Documentary

Working for Prime Focus London's Independant film department, I have designed the main titles for three feature films; Everywhere and Nowhere (Menhaj Huda, 2011), Storage 24 (Johannes Roberts, 2012) and The Christmas Candle (2013). In addition I have designed main titles for various television and online programmes, including The New Arab Debates for Deutsche Welle and Doctor Who: The Fan Show for the BBC. Click on the images to view.

CBBC Idents #1 CBBC Idents #2 Hungry Bear Media Carnaby Films
Rising Star Entertainment ITV Christmas Ident 2010 ET1 Joy ET3 Station Idents

Above are examples of animated logos, including TV station idents and film and television production company logos, created with Adobe After Effects. Click on the images to view.

Go Compare "Big Bad Wolf" Go Compare "Stoneage" Go Compare "Cinderella" Alpro
Chessington Zufari AmbiPur Ikea The Prime Focus Christmas Card 2014
Zip Firelighters Triaminic Bear Eva goes to Foreign NGI Turner Exhibition
Selected "Biker" Selected "Lion" Select "Moon" Winterthur "Tomorrow"
Mr. Rivet KOYA "Cow" Nickelodeon Mall of America "Just Be Yourself"
Hovis ADM "Paint" ADM "Eat" ADM "Farm Field"
BBC Euro 2004 Budweiser Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape "Sour Lab" Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape "Nick Hotel"
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape "Nintendo" Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape "Cotton Candy" Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape "Test Your Strength" Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape "Triple Treat"
Greene King "The White Swan" Greene King "Dog & Duck" Greene King "The Marlow" Modelo Especial - Pitch

Above are examples of my work as an animator and compositor working with companies such as Bermuda Shorts, Uli Meyer Animation, Th1ng and Slinky Pictures. Most of the above work was done with Adobe After Effects or Flash. My work on the BBC's Euro 2004 campaign was done with a combination of Corel Painter and Adobe After Effects. Click on the images to view.

Bentley "Power on Ice" edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Bentley "Power on Ice - Off Ice" edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Bentley "Power on Ice - Huskies" edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Eva goes to Foreign

Above are examples of my work as an offline editor using Adobe Premiere Pro. I have worked as an editor for various production companies and agencies including Keko, Lucky Generals and Sapient Nitro. High-profile clients have included Bentley and Hostelworld. I also edited the short film Eva Goes to Foreign using Avid.

B.Y.O. Pic #01: "One Way Street" B.Y.O. Pic #02: "Rubbernecker" B.Y.O. Pic #03: "The Numberless Knots of Fohat" First Signs of Life

I am currently working on a series of experimental films, with the umbrella title 'B.Y.O. Pics' These films draw on my interest in collage and art movements such as FLUXUS, Neo-Dadaism and the Situationists. They also allow me to experiment with sound design which is another of my interests. I have also been fortunate to work with Ranko Andjelic on his installation 'First Signs of Life', among other projects. Click on the images to view.

I have two years experience as a web designer and developer working for online fashion retailer figleaves.com. The job involved designing pages in Adobe Photoshop and hand coding them in HTML and CSS.

I completed a PGCE in Art and Design Education at De Montfort University, and so am fully qualified to teach art and design from primary school level up to 'A' Level standard. For several years I taught Adobe After Effects and Animo to degree-level students at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, and I now serve as an Exam Censor for the final exams of the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Animation, Character Animation and Computer Graphics Art.

As a youth I was heavily involved in amateur dramatics. I won several prizes for poetry and prose reading as well as attaining two LAMDA examination passes; Grade 5 with distinction and Grade 6 with honours. I recently completed two courses in Improvisation Comedy at The Spontaneity Shop and have since become a member of the Improv troupe 'SuperCouth'.

For a full CV, send an email to: jason.guest@gmail.com