Gather 'round, ghasts and ghouls... do you hear a whisper in the chill wind this Hallowe'en night? Does the mewling of a black cat or the sight of a stranger in shadow seem more suspicious now than ever? Across the world, a terrible magick is in the air, the ghost of wicked deeds and monsters most mortifying, which has grown again into a three-hour scream the ancients knew as... ECTOCOMP!

This year the competition is divided into two parts. La Petite Mort is for games written in three hours or under:

  • The Ghost Ship by Jonathan Snyder
  • Home/Sick by Felicity Banks
  • Halloween Dance by Mathbrush
  • Open That Vein by Chandler Groover
  • Food, Drink, Girls by Roboman
  • The Physiognomist's Office by Christina Nordlander
  • The Oldest Hangover on Earth by Marius Müller
  • The Story of the Shinobo by Adri Mills
  • Heezy Park by Andrew Shultz

Whilst Le Grand Guignol is for those who prefer to linger over their masterpieces, or just didn't manage to finish in under three hours:

  • Ashes by Glass Rat Media
  • Nine Lives by Merlin Fisher
  • Voice Box by B Minus Seven
  • Invasion by Cat Manning

The two competitions should be judged separately and as such I have included a separate judging sheet for each! The judging period ends at midnight GMT on 30th November 2015.

Click here to download the games and judging form! (Zipped file)