Gather 'round, ghasts and ghouls... do you hear a whisper in the chill wind this October night? Does the mewling of a black cat or the sight of a stranger in shadow seem more suspicious now than ever? Across the world, a terrible magick is in the air, the ghost of wicked deeds and monsters most mortifying, which has grown again into a three-hour scream the ancients knew as... ECTOCOMP! This year we have six games:

  • What Are Little Girls Made Of? by Carolyn VanEseltine
  • Beythilda the Night Witch by DCBSupafly
  • The Hunting Lodge by HulkHandsome
  • Ghosterington Night by Wade Clarke
  • Parasites by Marius Müller
  • The Evil Chicken Of Doom 3D by Mel Stefaniuk

Click here to download the games and judging form! (Zipped file)